Preparing for your maternity portrait session

Pregnancy is a such a sacred time in every woman’s life. It’s a magical time! A time to celebrate a new life to love and the beginning of a beautiful new life together. If you are choosing to document this very special time, make sure you prepare yourself as much as possible to get the most out of your photographs. The information on this page serves as a general guide to help you to get ready for your maternity photo session. The more prepared you are for the day, the more smoothly your shoot will go. If you don’t see something on this session guide and you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions before your appointment. I am here to help! 

black and white maternity photo of woman holding her pregnant belly

When is the best time to photograph?

  • We suggest between 7 and 8 months pregnant, when you have a full, round belly but can still comfortably move around.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! 

  • Apply lotion to your belly to alleviate the look of any dry skin. 
colorful maternity photo shoot near lake in new hampshire


  • What to wear? What to bring? Let's help you personalize your session so it is just as unique as you are...
  • be YOU!
  • Wear clothing that you feel good in! Bring clothes that make you feel fun, silly, sexy, or just plain great.
  • Long and flowy skirts look nice, and t-shirts or tanks that hug your body also accentuate your growing belly. Bring a pair of jeans to wear for a couple of shots too. Watch out for elastics or buttons though with wearing on the way to the session. These will cause redness and indents on your belly. A button up shirt works when showing off your pregnancy as well. Avoid crazy and loud patterns.
  • Your favorite blouse or sweater, the one that makes you glow, will create a memory you’ll always cherish.
  • Pre-pregnancy jeans and a T-shirt can make things fun.
  • Add a great set of heels and you’re one hot mama!

high contrast maternity photo shoot in new hampshire

WRAP it up!-

  • We also have flowy wraps in both light and dark colors so you really don’t need to bring a thing - if you just can’t seem to find a thing to wear! Bring a strapless bra if you have one for under the wraps. Also bring pretty black and white bras and panties if possible.


  • Bring items with you that you want in your photos. Popular now are ultrasound printouts, alphabet blocks that spell your baby’s name, baby shoes, stuffed animals, flowers, tiaras, etc.

couples maternity photoshoot in photography studio in new hampshire


  • Look at maternity photos on the web that you would like us to try. If you see something that is must have for you, I will try my best to characterize that idea or style.

Celebrate Family-

  • Be sure to remember those who are sharing in your family joy. This includes your significant other and your other children. There’s nothing quite like the glow when it’s shared! 
  • Significant Other- Your partner is the ultimate prop! Include them in your session if you want pictures of the two of you. They will greatly expand on the number of different photos you can make during your shoot. Your partner should bring outfits that coordinate with what you’ll be wearing, or a dark long-sleeved shirt or sweater and dark pants. The focus should always be on you, your expressions, your emotions, your personality, your joy and your connection.

black and white family portrait of newborn in new hampshire

Maternity Session Checklist

This is just a quick re-cap of some things you may want to bring with you. You don’t need to bring everything! The maternity session is a very personal session, we can tailor it to suit YOUR wants and YOUR vision. And if you don’t have any set ideas, we can help with that! See tips below. 

Also, if you have any inspirational photos, feel free to email them to me.

Clothing Suggestions



  • boy shorts in black 
  • pretty bra & panties set(s) in pastel, white, cream or black
  • strapless bra in cream or black

2-4 Tops:

  •  1 light,
  • 1 dark,
  • 1 trendy/romantic,
  • 1 fun T shirt,
  • one of your partner’s (big) shirts


  • jeans
  • black tap pants
  • khakis
  • flowy skirt


  • something flowy,
  • something fitted


  • one pair of great high heeled shoes
  • accessories - chunky jewelry, special jewelry, scarves, shawls, hats



  • jeans,
  • dark pants & Khakis,
  • white & black long-sleeved shirts


FOR SIBLINGS(coordinate with mom’s):

  • for boy siblings - jeans, white shirt, fun T shirt
  • for girl siblings - jeans, tutu, white shirt, fun T shirt, dress too



  • pay attention to your nails - a manicure and pedicure will make you feel and look great
  • wear your hair and makeup as you usually do
  • try to get a good night’s rest the night before!


Other things to bring:

  • props - baby shoes, stuffed animals, belly bands,ultrasound, anything else to personalize your session
  • fun stuff - NFL jersey, lab coat, running gear, whatever speaks to who you are