Maternity Photography Gallery

Maternity Photos Capture those precious months

Pregnancy is probably one of the shortest times in a woman’s life, yet it is full of anticipation, excitement, surprises, and wonder. Some women even feel their most beautiful when they are pregnant. I want to make sure your maternity photography session is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Please feel free to bring your significant other and any children you may have. Photographing interactions between family members not only allows for variety in your maternity portraits but adds another dimension of emotion in your photographs. Pregnancy is a very personal experience. Depending on how comfortable you are, I am available to photograph intimate, yet classy maternity portraits as keepsakes. The best piece of advice I can give you on how to prepare for your maternity session is to just relax. This is an enjoyable experience where you can capture the wonder and excitement of your pregnancy. The best time to photograph is between 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

maternity photo of smiling woman in field