How to Prepare for your Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir portrait of woman in black dress on bed

What should I wear for my boudoir shoot?


Bring at least four to five outfits. More choice is better than less. Try to prepare all the outfits at least a week before the shoot to avoid last-minute stress. They should include:

  • two matching underwear sets
  • one or two tops or t-shirt 
  • a vest or dress


General rules: the most important thing is that they must be well-fitting!

  • Try everything on before; choose matching panties and bra because matching colors look better in photos. 
  • Avoid patterns and choose some bright colors that will pop in the pictures and/or a classic black, blue or white.

Matching Sets

I recommend sets because they photograph better than separate pieces. Try them on and make sure they fit well. There is not a general rule here. Have fun shopping and trying lots of sets on. Choose sets that make you feel good! 


Cheekies are better than larger or smaller undies, because they give you more definition. I also prefer a cheeky over a thong as it is not aesthetical in photoshoots; bring your thongs only if their front side is pretty. 

A cheeky gives more definition and curve, rather than a small, straight thong.

High-Waisted and Vintage Cuts

For a little retro look choose high-waisted underwear. It is best if you have a pear shape or want to cover some hip issues

Bras and Bralettes

The bra is supported and can be padded. A bralette is, instead, a bra without wires or padded cups. Both photograph well but it really depends on your body shape what looks best for you. Bralettes often have fun backs and they are fun in photos. In general they fit better with ladies with small breasts. For larger breasts sizes some support is recommended. 

Full Body Pieces

The full piece bodies are fun and comfortable. They are also great to hide the stomach, if you have worries about C-section scars, stretch marks and any other issue.   


Used for centuries to tighten the waist and give support, it is a must for many women! Corsets can add structure, help with posture, and add to the aesthetic of your boudoir shoot!


Nighties are great to create a vintage and delicate look in your boudoir shoot!


They are fun to play with and help cover up if you are a little shy at the beginning of the photoshoots. Robes are also very popular for brides to be, generally in white.

See-Through Tops

See-through tops are great to play with during the photoshoot as they are revealing, without showing too much. With the light and sunshine they show beautiful curves and allow very artistic creations. Semi-transparent lace tops that are see through yet not too revealing, to keep some mystery! 

Sweaters & Long Cardigans

If you want to go for season-less images and have a cute and sensual look then bring a winter sweater. If they are off the shoulder, even better! I personally love warm, cozy sweaters to feel cute and sexy. 


You can “accessorize” a photoshoot with anything you want. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, but also glasses, masks, scarfs, or ties can complement very well the outfits or the naked poses. Bring a selection if you like and if it is in your style. Flowers are a good option too. Don’t forget your engagement/ wedding ring if you have one.

T-shirts & Tanks

There is so much choice! If lingerie is not really your thing or you want to have that "girl next door look", then panties and a tank top will work perfect for you. Some ladies like to wear one of his shirts too!


Not all the images have to be revealing to be sexy. Sometimes more is less, and you can post at least a few images on social media, worry-free! 


Choose whatever you prefer: high heels that slim your feet and help with posing, boots that give you length, cowboy boots, hipster shoes, trainers or you can just do the whole shoot barefoot!

boudoir photography of a woman's legs and feet in strappy heels
boudoir photography of a woman reclined on a leopard print sofa in a corset
black and white boudoir photography of a woman in matching white panties and bra
boudoir photo of woman in a sweater reclining on a sofa

Where can I find clothes for my boudoir shoot?

Lingerie and Underwear:

Victoria's Secret ,

local independent shop Savvy Lingerie,

  • Intimissimi USA (online only)
  • Naja for ethical shopping supporting women

Underwear and sporty bralettes:

  • Victoria's Secret sister brand PINK
  • American Eagle for very nice bralettes
  • GAP
  • ANGL
  • Hottie for a great variety of tops and clothing

Upmarket Lingerie:

  • Nasty Gal for daring and sexy
  • Fredericks for something more daring
  • Agent Provocateur for upmarket more daring 

black and white boudoir photography of woman in an open robe
color boudoir photography of woman on a bed with a glass of wine
black and white boudoir photography of woman with an open button up shirt and black bra

What else can I do to prepare for my boudoir shoot?

Consider Hiring a Professional Stylist

A professional hair stylist can help you achieve the aesthetic of your dreams for your boudoir photo shoot and remove the stress of getting your hair perfect for that big day.

Consider Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist

A professional makeup artist understands the difference between what your face looks like in person, versus on camera. They will conceal spots you don't like, contour your face so it looks the best in every light, use colors that compliment your skin to make it look flawless, make your eyes POP with false lashes & shadows, and manicure your eyebrows to perfection, and more! Some may think that there isn't a difference...but I PROMISE you, the difference is HUGE!


If you are thinking about a facial, please have one at least two weeks before the shoot to avoid rashes. 

Have your eyebrows trimmed a few days before to avoid red spots. 


Moisturize your body before the shoot. Natural scrubs a few days before are a good idea too. 

If you have a tan line try to tan evenly in natural light only!

Do not apply a fake tanner!

Shave / Wax a few days before to avoid red spots!

Hands / Feet

Hands and feet are an important part of a woman’s image. Apply hand cream and book a manicure and pedicure before the photoshoot. Apply a nail varnish of your choice. Avoid neon bright colors.


Drink plenty of water in the morning.

Stretch out and get ready to arch and curve.

Eat breakfast / lunch before the shoot (being hungry during the shoot is counterproductive and often makes your stomach more bloated).

Try to get a good night sleep and do not have excessively large meals or alcohol the night before.

What should I bring to my boudoir shoot?


Bring a friend if it will help you relax!

  • Your phone with your music
  • Lip balm/ lipstick
  • Some hair pins
  • Water bottle
  • A snack


  • Lingerie / underwear
  • Tops
  • Shoes 
  • Hats and headbands 
  • Scarfs
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Wedding/ engagement ring